Some Excellent Choices for an Audiobook Subscriptions

There are a lot of people who are fond of reading books. It is one of the pleasurable hobbies to escape reality. It feeds your mind while also entertaining you. If you like to read books, yet don’t have enough time to crack one open. Worry not, since there is an available audiobook subscription roaming around. Audiobooks are making names because of their convenience. You don’t have to sit and open all you can books to read what you want because you can listen to them.

What is an Audiobook?


These subscriptions are electronic services. That lets book lovers access limited or unlimited titles each month. They provide a huge variety of book titles in various genres. Including the latest releases and also the classics. Not only that you can listen to your favorites on the go, in the home, or at the office. Yet you also have the hold of the right feelings of the context. There are a lot of benefits to listening, not only just the content.

You can also enhance your vocabulary, improve comprehension, and also save time. Nourish your love for reading even if your busy schedule won’t allow you. You can keep loads of books in audio form with the best audiobook subscriptions on this list.

Best Audiobook Subscription Options

  1. fm

What’s great with is that wherever you are, you can still listen to the kind of story you want. Whatever time you like doing, with almost thousands of audiobook choices. You’ll surely find one that suits the mold. You can choose what kind of audiobooks you love to listen to. Including hidden gems from indie booksellers and New York Times bestsellers. That can be potential favorites. You’ll receive one audiobook credit each month that you can use to select which audiobooks you like.

  1. Scribd

Scribd is a great choice if you want to access a huge amount of award-winning pieces. Indie titles, bestsellers, or reader favorites. They give many titles to select from, including ebooks, articles, and audiobooks that you’ll like too. Whether you’re in the office, just at home doing something, or on the go. You can listen to any genre and as many as you can. You can easily download the app on your tablet, phone, or just the web to listen to audiobooks whenever you want.

  1. com is one subscription to consider. For audiobooks in all your favorite genres. A broad range of audiobooks with greater than 200,000 titles. Awaits subscribers every month. You’ll receive one credit monthly that you can use to buy one audiobook. That you can carry forever plus access to a more VIP book. It includes various genres like YAs, romance, thrillers, and even biographies and non-fiction. You can download the books and listen to them easily on any tablet or smartphone.

  1. Audible

Audible provides 180,000 titles and it is the world’s largest audiobook. And premium spoken-word programming that’ll offer you something interesting. To enjoy while listening wherever you are. Whether you’re driving your car or just relaxing at home. Audible plus allows you to listen to thousands of audiobooks. That is unlimitedly in the Plus Catalog. Including full series, documentaries, podcasts, exclusive ones, and even sleep programs. Audible Premium Plus offers you access to the Plus Catalog plus a monthly credit.

  1. Downpour

Downpour lets you access a broad array of audiobooks in different genres. Including classics, fiction, sports, fantasy, YA, and many more. You only have to sign-up and avail of one credit every month. That you can use as currency for any type of downloadable book your heart wants.

Audiobooks can be a great addition to every classroom. A lot of students are avid readers while some are struggling to become readers and still have hope. Audiobooks can offer something to all.

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