Tips for Selecting the Right Korean Tutor for You

There are many ways to learn Korean, one of them is by hiring a tutor. Learning with a tutor is different from learning in a classroom—in a good way. However, you must be careful in choosing the right tutor. The wrong one will lead you deep into the abyss of confusion, but the right one will optimize your Korean language learning. Here are some tips for selecting the right Korean tutor for you.


The ideal language tutor can speak two languages: the target language and a language both of you understand. Teaching is a knowledge transfer process. No matter how good one’s understanding of a language, the purpose of teaching is not achieved if the other parties gain no understanding.

Pedagogy background

Understanding the target language at a native level is not always enough to be a great language tutor. It’s best for them to understand the science and nature of language teaching and learning. Those who have obtained this knowledge are tutors from a pedagogy background. Their understanding of the teaching and learning process in general will help you to learn Korean more efficiently.

Explanation made simple

One way to test someone’s understanding of a concept is by asking them to explain a complex concept with simple words. If they can do it, they’re the right tutor for you. Simplifying sentences and words is acceptable as long as it helps.

Apply a high amount of practice into learning

Not only that practice makes perfect, but it also makes the learning process faster. Find a tutor who communicates using the target language most of the time and using your native language very minimally. Using hand gestures is fine, but your native language must only be used once in a blue moon.

There’s no point in learning a language if you’re not able to put it into practice in daily life. If you want to speak well, practice speaking. If you want to write well, practice writing. The only way to get better at something is by practicing the skill itself. It is also important to practice in real life situation, such as speaking to your Korean tutor’s friend. By exposing yourself to the way the language is naturally spoken, you gain understanding of the contextual and cultural context of the language as well.

Encouraging and patient

A tutor who’s too laid back doesn’t help much with our progress, especially when it comes to giving more motivation. However, learning a new language takes time, and a good language tutor understands that Rome isn’t built in a day. Therefore, the ideal tutor is someone who pushes you to your limit and forgiving when you make mistakes. The tutor should function as a guide, not your answer key. Not only do they encourage you to learn inside the classroom, but also outside the classroom by constantly tracking and supervising your progress but still giving you the freedom to manage those by yourself.

Those are the things you need to consider in finding the right Korean tutor. We hope that you find the right one after reading this article.

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