Online Courses: How to use this game changer intelligently in India?

The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated the speed at which education is shifting online today. With the rise of this pandemic, students around the world have been forced to shift their studies online.

While the shift has been scary and intimidating for some, it has also highlighted an important fact: Online education is here to stay. One may like it or dislike it. But, ignoring online education is not an option anymore.

There are many exciting online courses in India available today. While practical and classroom education has its own set of benefit, one cannot ignore the fact that online education also comes with its own set of benefits. And when used along with classroom and practical education, has the potential to be a winning combination.

Use online courses to showcase your specialization

A university or college degree has become generic now. However, the combination of online courses one chooses can help one come across as unique and a specialist.

Imagine having:

  • Just a commerce degree


  • b) A commerce degree with an additional course on data management

Which one do you think will stand out?

Similarly having just a medical degree versus a degree in medicine with added courses on healthcare and wellness. The second one is bound to get more attention.

There are many online courses in India today that offer a diverse range of specialization – media, healthcare, information technology, wellness and beauty….and so on. There is merit in exploring them and using them to create one’s own specialization – Resulting in a CV that stands out from others with online free resume builder.

Free versus Paid: Use the option of free online courses first to reduce your risks

There is merit in checking out the free online courses first. There is no investment involved and one can always opt for specialized paid courses if one still feels the need to do so later.

There are many free online courses that also offer certification – adding credibility and weight to the resume.

Do your own research: The options available are endless!

Coursera, Khan Academy, LinkedIn Learning, Youtube, Udemy…the list of providers offering paid and free courses is increasing.

There is merit in checking out the course structure before opting for any course. Many a times, the websites mention the relevant details such as the course structure, number of modules, subjects covered in each module, the professional details of the person teaching the course and so on….

Merit in checking those out – Especially if you are opting for paid courses.

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