How STEM based K-12 eLearning Solutions Enhance the Visualisation Skills and Learning Capabilities of the Students?

With the current changes in the learning curriculum that the government has introduced, it is very evident that the government wants to follow the international educational standards to ensure the best educational system in India. The reason being, the international way of teaching is based on both theoretical and practical learnings. The diverse methodologies of learning ensure that what is taught theoretically in the classroom is carried out during the practical sessions. However having said this, it is not possible to make the children perform all the experimental activities based on each and every concept. This is where K-12 e-learning solutions come handy.

Understanding K-12 eLearning Solutions

K-12 e-learning solutions were developed to overcome the comprehension hurdles that students faced while studying through conventional text books, with less examples and limited illustrated images. The major issue with the traditional system was that with the increasing grades (specifically 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th), the students found it difficult to understand intricate concepts in the subjects such as mathematics and science since it was difficult to visualise complex theories; algebraic expressions, and geometrical figures in text form. However with the emergence of technologies which consists of high-end multimedia applications and graphical software, K-12 elearning companies in India came out with the idea of using these technologies in academic and K-12 learning solutions. The K-12 e-learning solutions were made to capture the interest of the students so that they can grasp the concepts without much difficulty. To elaborate, the use of 3-D and 2-D animation simulations with a wide variety of images to support the concepts helped the children to absorb the information like a sponge.

How K-12 curriculum development companies use STEM methodology to enhance the learning capabilities of the students?

Many research studies suggest that teaching through practical application of the learnt concepts help to comprehend them easily. In fact, practical sessions help the students to increase their knowledge and get an in-depth understanding of the concepts significantly. STEM methodology based on the application of science, technology, ingenuity, and mathematics (STEM) concepts in daily life is the best way for learning. Thus, K-12 elearning companies in India harness the potential of STEM methodology to change the way students think and approach a particular problem. When students try to solve a problem related to science or mathematics using animations and simulations, there is a high possibility that they end up understanding the problem and figuring out a methodology to crack the problem. Infact by using K-12 e-learning solutions, finally, the students end up learning so much through practical learning that they start applying the learned concepts taught at school in the real life scenarios. This is where the K-12 e-learning solution finds big time success compared to other forms of teaching and learning. This is because through the STEM-based learning methodology, the students get a 360° view of different concepts of complex theories related to mathematics and science. Moreover, the STEM based K-12 e-learning solution renders rich and enhanced comprehension to the students, with detailed information and multiple examples. Owing to all these factors, students start to explore the environment around them and apply the theoretical concepts practically in the real world.

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