How A Second Language Can Advance Your Career   

Are you looking for a way to make yourself competitive in the job market? Learning a second language could give you the immunity you are looking for. Under the supervision of trained professionals from SIMON & SIMON, you can make the task of learning a new language easier for yourself.

A lot of us are familiar that learning a second language can give a career boost, but not all of us go for it. Here are some reasons that explain why you must learn a popular second language for getting ahead:

  • You become eligible for government jobs

A lot of government jobs demand candidates to be bilingual. You may have all the right qualifications and experience but if you don’t know a second language, you are a less attractive candidate for government jobs.

  • More job opportunities

The world out there is always looking for candidates who know more than one language. And if you know a popular foreign language, you will become an attractive candidate. That means as you add the skill of knowing a second language on your resume, the doors of new job opportunities open for you in the local and global market.

  • Better communication

Many people who know a second language agree with the fact that this new language has made them understand their native language better. They now have a better understanding of grammar and sentence structure. They have more command on speaking and writing. Their vocabulary has improved too. Experts say you cannot understand one language without knowing another.

  • More familiarity with different cultures

Learning a second language exposes you to another culture. There are degrees of politeness in different languages. Some use verbs for expressing politeness. For instance, in Japanese, if direct speech is used, the listener immediately understands that the speaker is frustrated. Once you are able to interpret this difference, you become a person who understands different cultures and people with different body languages. Such a candidate is an asset for any company.

  • Better memory

Learning another language improves your memory. As you memorize new words and new ways of communicating, your attention span increases. If you feel that your brain has lost the ability to absorb new words, it is time you train it by learning another language.

  • You become a multitasker

Bilinguals have better cognitive skills. They can work on two different projects at the same time. They become good at prioritizing information. If someone has ever told you that bilinguals are confused, that is not the case.

People who are capable of thinking in a foreign language are great with making decisions. They are problem solvers. They process information fast. If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to become an attractive candidate and if you want your brain to expand, you must learn a second language.

Make sure you pick a language that is most demanding. Only then will it help in boosting your career. Convince a friend to learn a second language with you. This will make your journey easier.

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