CU Buffs and Synchronicity Forge a New Partnership benefitting education

The University of Colorado Buffs and Synchronicity forge a new partnership benefitting education. This project brings together the worlds of dance and theater. The project uses cutting-edge technology to fuse traditional dance with modern technology. The goal is to produce a spectacular production of contemporary dance with classical music, using synchronized lighting and sound design to create an exhilarating show. Synchronized sound brings the audience alive as it syncs with the dance to produce a true theatre experience.

The collaboration between CU Buffs and Synchronicity aims to foster creativity among students. This project will allow students to be exposed to multiple forms of art in their academic pursuits. In addition, this will offer students a chance to work with both established professionals and upcoming local talent. With the use of various technologies, students can collaborate on music, video and lighting design to create an artistic production that will inspire and motivate. Whether it is a short course project or a full-fledged performance, students can benefit from the collaboration.

A major part of the research and development on Synchronicity Hemp Oil is comprised of students from the Visual Communication and Rhetoric Department at the University of Colorado. Camera footage from one of the productions will be used to create a film for the production company of Synchronicity. The images will be fused onto digital media in order to be used as backgrounds and in other forms of media. Images from cameras located throughout the studio will enable the production company to complete post-production process in a seamless manner. This one-of-a-kind approach will allow students to explore cutting-edge technology and creative media in a safe environment.

The University of Colorado Buffs are an integral part of the greater Denver Metropolitan School District and are a non-profit organization dedicated to providing academic and professional excellence to students. Students come to the campus for credits and instruction in areas such as music, dance, multimedia and visual arts. Through collaborations with other Colorado colleges and universities, the students are able to promote cultural awareness and learn about the importance of music and its importance in society. Synchronicity is a cross-curricular effort developed by the university that helps students create personal relationships based on shared interests and passions.

Synchronicity is a unique and innovative idea that combines music, art, psychology, spirituality, etc. in order to promote healing through rhythm. The goal is to connect individuals through music and light to one another for positive energy and healing.

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