A Guide to Sourcing an Undergraduate Engineering Course in Malaysia

Engineering is the stuff of dreams, and shapes the world we live in, with every structure, road, bridge, or indeed any major man made project that began with a concept in an engineer’s mind. If there is one profession that is timeless, it would be that of the engineer, and if you are thinking of moving into the field of engineering, and are a Malaysian citizen, here is a useful guide to sourcing the right undergraduate engineering course.

International Standards

Some forward thinking universities have made provisions for their engineering students to enter a multi-cultural environment by forming alliances with universities in the UK and Europe, and the collaboration between young and enquiring minds stimulates the learning process. International undergraduate engineering courses offer Malaysian students much more in terms of gaining an insight into the Western world, and with challenging projects that bring out the best in students, the path to success is much clearer.

Sourcing the Right University

Of course, there are many educational establishments that offer a range of undergraduate course, and with engineering being such a wide field, one must look for a university with a proven track record in your chosen direction. Engineering has many applications across a wide scope of industries, and would include the following;

  • Civil Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Bio-Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Manufacture Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering

The above are just a few of the engineering applications, and for many students, there will be a specific field that they hold an interest in.

Online Solutions

Once you have made up your mind that a career in engineering is your preferred profession, the Internet is the best tool to help you source the right course. A dual engineering degree, for example, is a course where the Malaysian university has an association with a UK university, and the students from both countries benefit from the alliance. One big advantage with this type of course is that any future employer will understand that your degree is connected to a prestigious UK university, and this will give you an advantage over a local candidate, who has no experience with a foreign curriculum. Employers want the maximum benefits from their workforce, and when it comes to selecting a candidate, they are likely to take into consideration a UK degree.


Sourcing a suitable university for an undergraduate course is not a passive experience, and there is a lot you can do in preparation. Use the Internet to source essential information, and if you are unsure about what course to enrol in, research a few professions to gain a better understanding of the field. By spending dome time at this stage, you can avoid wasting a few years by studying about something that holds little interest, and once you have made up your mind regarding your chosen career, then you can search online for a suitable program.

Engineering is perhaps the single field that guarantees a lifelong demand, and finding the right course is much easier if you use online resources.

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