A Guide to Academic Development for Young Learners

The core subjects are intertwined with every aspect of our lives and therefore, great care must be taken to ensure that a child fully understands the various mathematical concepts. Division, for example, cannot always be clearly demonstrated with a whiteboard and numbers, and some children need to sit in a circle with tangible items like beads or counters, and through a series of activities, they can grasp the basics of division.

Foster an Enquiring Mind

From a very early age, a parent can instil an enquiring attitude, by taking the side of the child and helping them to discover by asking further questions. It might be easier to simply explain the reason for something, but this does little to develop an enquiring mind, which is essential for sound academic achievement.

Regular Testing

When asked if he or she understands, the child will simply nod, and this is not an indicator that the concept is understood, rather one needs to test the child’s knowledge by posing a problem that requires a specific skill to be demonstrated. Children do not like to stand out from the crowd, and not every student will raise their hand and tell the teacher they do not understand, but with careful monitoring, one would know if there were any issues. The homeroom teacher would be the first to notice an issue with mathematical understanding, and in primary school, the students are tested every semester, which would surely highlight the problem.

Expert One on One Tuition

Many parents insist on additional maths tuition, not because the child has a problem, but they see the extra sessions as giving their child an advantage, which may well be true. One thing is for sure, any shortcomings in the maths learning curve will need to be addressed as early as possible, otherwise the child’s development will be affected. There are affordable tuition schools online and a Google search will surely put you in touch with a school that offers one on one maths tuition and they can arrange a suitable appointment to evaluate your child. You might be looking for maths tutoring in Sydney or Melbourne, but an online search is location based and will help you to identify a nearby establishment.

The Sciences

The science subjects are also essential for a balanced academic development, with physics, biology and chemistry all having a place in the curriculum, and any concept that is not fully understood needs to be addressed, as soon as possible. As a child progresses through primary school, the need for essential understanding of the sciences progressively grows, and as they enter secondary education, things become more complex, and without a firm understanding of all the science branches, the child could be at a disadvantage.

Every parent owes it to their child to monitor their academic progress, and if they notice a shortcoming, some private one on one tuition will quickly provide the perfect remedy.

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